Natural Honey
Natural honey is a sweet, thick fluid that honey bees make from floral nectar. It is a complex blend of sugars, enzymes, water, and several substances, many of which give it its distinctive flavour and beneficial properties. 
Medicinal Honey
In addition to its inherent sweetness and flavour, medicinal honey is utilised for its therapeutic qualities and health advantages. For millennia, people from different cultures have exploited honey's therapeutic benefits. 
Raw Honey
A naturally sweet material called raw honey is created by bees from the nectar of flowers. Raw honey is not subjected to a substantial amount of heat or filtration, unlike processed honey, which has been cooked and filtered.
Organic Honey
Honey produced with organic beekeeping methods is referred to as organic honey. In order to use artificial chemicals, pesticides, and antibiotics as little as possible, organic beekeeping includes observing certain rules and regulations.
Eucalyptus Honey
Bees that gather nectar from the blossoms of eucalyptus trees generate a particular form of honey known as eucalyptus honey. Eucalyptus trees, which are native to Australia but may also be found elsewhere in the world, are well-known for their potent scent and wide range of species with different blossom hues and tastes.
Unprocessed Honey
Unprocessed honey, also known as raw honey, is honey that has not been pasteurised or subjected to the standard processing that commercial honey usually goes through. It is obtained directly from the beehive and may undergo a very light filtration process to get rid of bigger particles like beeswax and bee parts.

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